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Zorin Finance is a decentralized cryptocurrency token built on Binance Smart Chain network. It was created with the community and investor in mind.
Our goal is to provide generational wealth to all of our loyal holders with a hyper-deflationary functionality and automatic staking to reward ZORIN holders, all the while, providing multiple real world use cases to make ZORIN a leader in the transition from fiat to crypto.
Our mission is to partner with several payment processing leaders to allow the token to be used for everyday purchases, both online and offline. Next, we plan to individually partner with companies in the travel and credit industries to take ZORIN abroad. And lastly, we plan to allow individuals to build personal credit, by having a credit card, with built-in rewards, powered by ZORIN.
On the following pages you will find an FAQ, quickstart guides, and useful links that will help those of you whom want to interact with the Zorin. We recommend you work your way through all of the documentation in order to fully familiarize yourself with the rationale, features, and benefits of Zorin Finance.
None of the information provided constitutes financial and/or investment advice, it is purely informational. Each individual should carry out their own risk assessment and make their own investment decisions within the limits of what they can afford to lose. Please read through all the documentation before making any investment decisions.

Together, we will make a successful decentralized cryptocurrency!


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