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Buy ZORIN on PancakeSwap

Buy $ZORIN in just 4 simple steps.

Create a Wallet and Buy BNB

Register an Binance Smart Chain BNB account on Trust Wallet, MetaMask or Coinbase. You can an existent wallet if you prefer. You will need BNB to buy $ZORIN on Pancakeswap. Start by buying some BNB from exchanges or from third-party providers in your wallet. Once purchased, transfer the BNB to your Wallet. Please keep in mind you will need to leave an amount of BNB for the gas tax when swapping.

Connect Your Wallet

Connect your MetaMask or Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap directly on their website. Click to allow PancakeSwap to import the $ZORIN contract when prompted. Alternatively you can import it manually (0x162D4038628E79033FFecD72B0E4d7Efc0e6ed75). When connecting your wallet choose the correct protocol used by your wallet - i.e. Wallet Connect for Trust Wallet, or MetaMask for MetaMask, and confirm the connection in your wallet app.

Adjust PancakeSwap Settings

On Pancakeswap, "Trade Using V2". Click on the cogwheel icon on the upper right corner and set the Slippage tolerance between 12%. This is important to keep your transaction from being overrun by other orders.

Swap BNB for $KUBER

Enter the amount you wanna buy leaving some for the Binance network gas fee. Click to swap and approve the transaction on your wallet app. After a few minutes your $ZORIN balance should be showing in your wallet. If not, go to "Add Token" and paste our contract address (0x162D4038628E79033FFecD72B0E4d7Efc0e6ed75).

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