Founder & CEO

Hitesh Rajpurohit

Twitter: @IAmHiteshRaj
LinkedIn: @HiteshRajpurohit
A CEO, which stands for Chief Executive Officer, is the highest-ranking individual in a company or organization. The CEO is responsible for the overall success of a business entity or other organization and for making top-level managerial decisions. They may ask for input on major decisions, but they are the ultimate authority in making final decisions. There are other titles for CEOs, such as chief executive, president, and managing director.


Deepak Rajpurohit

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The CFO has a major responsibility to ensure that the company maintains a financial structure consistent with its strategic planning. And as everything in corporate life revolves around indicators and numbers, the CFO must not only report the figures, but because he has a more strategic role, he must be a professional capable of critically analyzing the environment in the long term.

Web Developer


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Web developers design and build websites. They are typically responsible for the appearance, of the site and technical aspects, such as site speed and how much traffic the site can handle. Web developers may also create site content that requires technical features.
They are sometimes known as web designers or full-stack developers if they can do both front-end and back-end development.

App Developer


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An application developer's typical responsibilities include coding, designing, application management, troubleshooting, monitoring updates and possible security threats, and providing end user support. They may also handle some project management tasks on the journey to building a new application.


Amit Methil

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A successful Marketing officer must have great enthusiasm for all things marketing and great knowledge of relevant techniques and principles. The ideal candidate will also be an excellent communicator and will have experience in managing different marketing ventures.


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An Accountant helps businesses make critical financial decisions by collecting, tracking, and correcting the company's finances. They are responsible for financial audits, reconciling bank statements, and ensuring financial records are accurate throughout the year.